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Opportunities to Serve

How We Serve

The way of Christ invites us to love and serve God by loving and serving others.

Prayer List – If you or someone in your life could use the support of our prayer group, simply send us their name and we will make sure they are added to the list.  

Prayer Team – This team of dedicated members of the UCC congregation lends spiritual support to anyone on the prayer list. 


Prayer Shawls – A remarkable source of comfort for those in need of caring. This is a small group of women that crochet and/or knit shawls in a variety of materials and colors to be distributed to those in need.


Visitation – In order to help the community, we make sure to send visitors out to people who are sick, dying, grieving, struggling, in prison, or lonely. Furthermore, we support Meals on Wheels to make sure that shut-ins who cannot or will not leave their homes receive company and nutritious food.


Welcome Table – The Vermillion Welcome table provides an inviting place where everyone can come together to share food, fellowship, service, and a sense of community.  Our church family serves the welcome table several times a year and is always ready to fill in if there is a need. 


Emergency Fund – This fund, supported by many groups within Vermillion, serves to provide emergency support to needy members of the community.


Food Pantry – In our campaign to combat hunger, the UCC supports a food pantry that fills the critical role of giving food to those who desperately need it.


Special Collections – A few times a year, the UCC takes up a collection to fill a special need in the community. A few of our recent collections include soup, peanut butter, applesauce, books, shoes, coats, and hats/mittens.


School Backpacks – This program provides a backpack full of school supplies to needy children at the beginning of each school year, ensuring that the kids have everything they need to get an excellent education.


Weekend Backpacks – Keeping children happy and healthy is important to the UCC, and this program helps us do just that. Some children’s families cannot afford to provide healthy meals during the weekends, so good food is packed into backpacks and sent home with high-risk children each weekend.

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